56″ Vertical Hyperbaric Chamber


2 Year Warranty

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This amazing 56” Vertical Dive Hyperbaric Chamber is perfect it is small but the largest introductory chamber on the market!

  • 56″ diameter
  • 5 feet tall
  • 4 psi (1.3 ATA)


60 Vertical Hyperbaric Chamber

This amazing 60 Vertical Hyperbaric Chamber is small, but in fact is the largest introductory chambers, not to mention one of the most affordable hyperbaric chambers on the market. This chamber is great for either for one adult or a young child and is perfect for home use.

60 Vertical Hyperbaric Chamber Highlights:

Custom Made To Your Order

Incredibly bright interior,

One super quiet compressor

Ease of use for self-treatments,

Side entry for easy access

Pressurizes and depressurizes with the touch of a button

Energy efficient design – uses only 250 watts of power

Brand new, with a two year warranty and 7-day money back guarantee

Manufactured by one of the world’s leading portable hyperbaric chamber manufacturers


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