Hyperbaric Coaching Classes

Gain Vital Knowledge, Priceless Appreciation From Your Patients, & Valuable Inspiration To Better Your Community With Our Hyperbaric Coaching Classes!

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Dr. Louis Hilliard of the Atlanta Hyperbaric Center is now offering premium Hyperbaric Coaching Classes for Doctors, their staff, or every healthcare professional at the office! These courses are a fantastic value that will give you the tools to succeed as you use your Hyperbaric Chamber to create an office environment with purpose: bettering your community with the use of Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy. A Hyperbaric Chamber, when combined with this coaching adds value to your office and improves your patients’ lives. These classes include useful information including:

Build A Office With Purpose

Learn to operate, communicate, facilitate hyperbaric oxygen therapy today

What is your purpose, what is your office’s purpose? If you don’t know yet then you need this course. In building a successful office you must define your purpose and then get laser focused on achieving that goal. This course will work you through our step by step process on how to market your office, get new patients in the door, process them, sign them up and deliver the best care possible. You have the ability to grow your office as big as you dream, you just need someone to show you the path. Give us a call today

Our Training Course for Staff will convert into more patient sign-ups and higher revenue for your office!  Not only do these courses help you make money, it will help you save money, buy now to receive a 25% discount on our Business Coaching course, as well as 5% off your next product purchase from us.

We provide training, certification, and coaching to help you be successful, because your success is our success!

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Check Our Coaching Courses

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Business Coaching Payment Option 1

$1000.00 + $250/month
For a year

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Business Coaching Payment Option 2

$2499.00 (Save $1500)
For a Year

Dr. Hilliard’s extensive Coaching

Dr. Hilliard’s extensive Coaching Classes also include many amenities and metrics that are invaluable to healthcare professionals looking to train their teams in the ins and outs of Hyperbaric Chambers, such as Comprehension Quizzes & Exams to help you and your staff measure and retain the important information.

Contact with Dr. Hilliard

Each Coaching Class will also include several on-going points of contact with Dr. Hilliard, which include a monthly 30-minute Office Call with just you and your staff and a monthly 60-minute Group Office Call, which will include multiple offices.

Other custom features are also available, with potential for special events like Community Appreciation Days at your office, to advertise and promote your office and Hyperbaric Chamber to the surrounding area, or a “Tour Pack.”  Please contact using the form should you be interested in these unique opportunities and would like more information.   

Aerial shot of professional taking notes on online training course on Hyperbaric chambers.